Our Legacy Partners


Have you ever been a member of a civic club? Are you currently a member?


If so, you have a living, breathing legacy at Boys and Girls Homes in Lake Waccamaw. It’s your legacy because from our very beginning, civic clubs founded and breathed life into our mission to save children from life-threatening circumstances not of their doing. I am fond of sharing that we are the only charitable organization that can lay claim to having its roots with the major civic clubs of the Carolinas.


Working cooperatively together, we are privileged to serve this highly important mission.

One of my challenges is continuing to educate our civic clubs and their members – new and old – about their legacy at Boys and Girls Homes. Membership rotates at our civic clubs. It’s important that our newest members learn about their legacy.


This legacy reaches to every corner of North Carolina and beyond. Unfortunately, child abuse knows no boundaries. Similarly, the caring hearts of our civic clubs know no boundaries. And the result has been thousands of children’s lives changed.


Thank you for being a part of our precious mission!

Gary Greene is the Senior Development Director at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.


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