More than 200 people stepped toward the starting line for the Take the Lake Personal Endurance Challenge, listening to the instructions provided by the event coordinators. For many, this more than 16 mile walk/run was the culmination of years of preparation. For others, this was the training run for an upcoming marathon. Yet, each person at that line had taken time to prepare for the day.


At Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, our philosophy of making futures brighter for children centers on preparation. We are working with children who come to us after experiencing abuse and neglect. These children are at a tipping point and our goal is to help them prepare for the best future possible.


This preparation comes in the form of trauma-informed care, providing a structured environment with rules and expectations. It comes in the form of education, either through classes at Thomas Academy, completion of a GED, or classes at Southeastern Community College.


Perhaps the biggest aspect of preparation comes in the rebuilding of trust with those around them. The caring and nurturing staff works hard to provide the love and support for each child in the way that is needed to guide them toward the future. It is where dreams are reformed and hope is established for an independent life.


All of this preparation allows our children to go on to compete in their own personal endurance challenge – making their future brighter.


Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.


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