The Night Before Christmas (Re-imagined)


In this holiday season, Rev. John Cobb applied his creative skills to re-imagine the classic Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore to reflect the experiences of so many of the children we serve at B&GH.


Sad teen with Christmas treeIt’s the night before Christmas

But I’m not at home.

But I’ll use this opportunity

To tell you how far I’ve come.

I’ve spent several years

Moving from place to place,

Add to that many bad memories

That I can’t erase.

I’ve stayed with some family

That I never really knew

And yes you really do wonder

If they wanted you to.

I’ve slept on the floor

And on many couches,

I have stopped keeping track

Of the number of houses.

And now I’ve been placed

In your home you see.

I hope this helps make sense

Of what my behaviors may be.

I may come in with a smile,

But that’s just a disguise.

If you look closer, there’s

A deep sadness in my eyes.

I would rather be home

Even if I don’t know where it is.

I would like for you to remember,

I didn’t ask for this.

I may try to push you away

’cause that’s all I know,

But please stick with me,

Please don’t go.

What I really need is to

Feel safe and feel loved,

Instead of abandoned or

Pushed and shoved.

So if I am coming to spend

Christmas with you,

Here are some things that

Maybe you can do:

Be compassionate and genuine

And patient with me;

Don’t get upset if I’m

Not filled with holiday glee.

If I get upset,

Don’t ask me “What’s wrong?”

Instead allow me some space,

Let me listen to a song.

When I am ready,

I’ll open up to you.

I really am thankful

For all that you do.

So on this night before Christmas

Take the time to remember

For me this may be a

Difficult December,

But I need Christmas love

just like you,

and I’ll need it

after the holidays too.


Rev. John Cobb is the Continuous Quality Improvement Risk Manager and Sanctuary Coordinator for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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