This page will serve as an update location for the process of rebuilding the campus after the damage caused by Hurricane Florence. Learn more about how you can help

Oct. 16 - Update

We are excited to share that our Country Store is reopening tomorrow, Oct. 17, for both customer shopping and donor drop off! Our hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Wednesday - Friday, and Saturday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

October 8 - Update

The damage sustained by the Country Store during Hurricane Florence makes it unsafe to engage with customers. The Country Store will remain closed until renovations are completed with the flooring in the furniture and holiday areas. While work is beginning on Oct. 8, a timeline for completion is not yet set. We will reopen after the storm damage has been repaired. Keep checking for updates both here and on the B&GH Facebook Page.

After the storm:

Hurricane Florence Trolley Building Hurricane Florence hay barn

Hurricane Florence Country Store Hurricane Florence Roxy's Place

Hurricane Florence Cottage Damage 

Contribute to the efforts to repair the damage from Hurricane Florence.

Sept. 21 - Update

Administrative offices have reopened today. 

The staff continues to assess the damage and insurance agents will be scheduled to come to evaluate and provide a quote for repairs. This will take time, but the process has begun.

Here are a couple of highlights of how even in events like these, people and community are brought together:

  • In addition to President Faircloth, Miss Doreen, Miss Pat and Miss Sara were the team that stayed behind, on campus, to provide support for our teen mothers.
  • Judge Douglas Sasser, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge 13A, reached out to President Faircloth asking if they could use the campus and the picnic shelter to host a community wide lunch.  In addition to the food from the Boys and Girls Homes provided, Food Lion brought a truck load of food as well. The event started at 11am and ended around 7pm and fed around 700 people.   Also on hand were a number of our executive team which spent time to prepare and serve the food.
  • President Faircloth has been meeting regularly and working alongside with the mayor, local Police and Fire Departments and provided gasoline and diesel fuel for their vehicles as their supplies were depleted.
  • The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission reached out to President Faircloth asking if they could use the Boys and Girls Homes as a central staging area for two teams, President Faircloth said of course.  These teams are being used to remove debris that are obstructing water ways.
  • The Thomas Academy school bus was used to help transport and evacuate those who were trapped during the storm.    

Contribute to the efforts to repair the damage from Hurricane Florence.

Sept. 19 - Hurricane Florence Bulletin: Children Safe! Buildings Damaged!

Our children's safety is always our priority. We evacuated all of our cottage residents to the mountains in the western part of the state where they received only a little wind and rain. Our teen moms and babies stayed safely in one of the Janet Mitchell Winstead Lake Houses at one of the highest points on campus. A generator kept their power going throughout the storm.

I am pleased to report that both Janet Mitchell Winstead Lake Houses were undamaged. While our civic club sponsored cottages escaped major damage, shingles were blown off, there is damage to some ceiling tiles, and there is water damage in some of the cottages. The damage to the rest of the campus is significant. The roof of the Lang Building, home of the J. Scott Johnson Vocational Program at Thomas Academy, was lifted by the wind and significantly damaged. The Leamon Rogers Memorial Chapel sustained serious water damage to both levels of the building. One of the newest structures on our farm was destroyed while several others were significantly damaged. Our Country Store has a hole in the roof. Many other buildings across the campus received water damage.

As of the writing of this letter, the full damage assessment is incomplete. We do not yet know the total cost of the damage, but we know we cannot move forward without the help of our friends. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Consider ways you can help us restore the campus to a safe haven for our children - a place where beauty serves as a silent teacher and healer.

For the Love of Children,
Gary Faircloth

Contribute to the efforts to repair the damage from Hurricane Florence.

Photos during the storm:

Hurricane Florence flooding  Hurricane Florence Tree Damage

Hurricane Florence Tree Damage