A Meaningful Ride


You could hear the gathering roar of 150 motorcycles as they neared the Boys and Girls Homes campus recently for the annual May Lake Waccamaw Ride. Our children were waiting at the Gary Jones Pavilion and you could see them suddenly perk up as the sound increased.


It’s an amazing sight when that many motorcycles come onto campus. Our children were thrilled and amazed. Bikers from every direction arrived to share a meal and enjoy great fellowship with each other and our children.Motorcycles riding onto campus


I am fond of sharing during my presentations that the hand of God is surely over this place. Another example of this happened during the program that followed the day’s cookout. Most of the riders participated in a 50-25-25 drawing. Half of the proceeds went to Boys and Girls Homes; the remaining pot would be split between two winners.


Unbeknownst to many, two riders gave their raffle tickets to one of our children. When the first number was called, she raised her hand. She had won! When she accepted her winnings, she was asked to make a speech. In a meek and grateful voice, she said, “Thank you.”


The bikers loved it!


And then they drew a second number. For some reason, I was watching her. I saw her hand slowly rise as she said “that’s me too!” She had won the second pot!


A great round of applause and faces of glee could be seen from the front to the back. What a wonderful moment!


Thank you to our riders for creating such meaningful and wonderful memories for our kids this year and every year!


Gary Greene is the Senior Development Director at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.


Please contact us if you would like to participate in the next Lake Waccamaw Ride on May 4, 2019.


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