A Different Kind of Holiday

Room decorated for ChristmasThis year’s holiday season has hit me a bit differently.

I have complained for many years about stores having Christmas decorations out the day after Halloween, yet this year I actually welcomed seeing the holiday spirit coming out just after Labor Day.

I am typically one who might listen to Christmas songs the week leading up to Christmas and turn off any radio station playing the songs before that time. This year, I have been randomly including Christmas songs in my playlists since July.

This year, I don’t have any expectation of large gatherings of friends and family that have us rushing from place to place. The annual Christmas plays, parades and festivities look incredibly different if they are happening at all.

All of this has made me reflect even more on the children and families served by Boys and Girls Homes. 

For so many of the children in our residential program, this is the first Christmas season where they know they will be getting a large meal with all the trimmings and presents set under the tree.

For our foster families, it may be the first Christmas season where the home is filled with the laughter and smiles of children who have never experienced the magic of Christmas morning.

For families in our Success Coach family reunification program, it may be the first time they are able to truly enjoy the holiday as a family after a time of separation.

For families moving through our C.R.E.A.T.E. Hope and Carolyn’s Kaleidoscope Child Advocacy Center services, this may be the first holiday season where they have the reassurance that things will get better.

And for the families who have just entered our Bright Hope program, this could be the first holiday where they truly believe there are people who care about them and are willing to provide an environment of health, healing and hope.

Help children & families experience health, healing & hope 

Melissa Hopkins is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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