A Place of Dreams 

School is a place where everyone is allowed to dream….

Teachers, administrative staff, support staff… children … parents… are allowed to dream.Dr Geraldine Bradshaw

Teachers dream of ways to REACH students right where they are.

Support staff dream of ways to make sure students stay in class and how to ensure that staff and students are safe.

Administrators dream of ways to support children, teachers, support teams, and parents.

Schools are where dreams are turned into reality.

Welcome back to the school of dreams… Thomas Academy!

Each day, our teachers, administrative staff, support staff, children and parents work together to achieve the dream of a better future for our children through education. This Thomas Academy education goes beyond academics with a continued focus on our tagline – connection, compassion and character. These commitments allowed our 19 graduates in the class of 2018 to move into the world with confidence. Two are attending four-year colleges, six are enrolled in community college, two completed their Certified Nursing Assistant certification and one entered military service while the others have moved into the working world.

Thank you to all who have helped and continue to help make these dreams come true.

Geraldine Bradshaw, Ed.D., is the Director of Thomas Academy, a public charter school.

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