Are You A Missionary?

If you’ve ever heard me addressing a civic club or district meeting, you have probably heard me talk about how our children come from all corners of our state.

I’ve met young men who came to us from Currituck County.

I’ve met a young lady from Jackson County.


I was sitting with a club in the northwest part of North Carolina when one of the members told me her story of how she found Boys and Girls Homes for her son.


Have we ever served children from Alamance County? Yes. Catawba and Craven? Yes and Yes. Buncombe and Brunswick? Yes. McDowell and Mecklenburg? Yes. Moore, Montgomery and Mitchell? Yes. Yadkin and Yancey? Yes.


There are stories from every area of the state. We have touched more than 7,000 young lives in our history!


Similarly, we receive support from people who believe in our mission to rescue children and teenagers from circumstances where their very lives are threatened. We love these children. We protect them. We educate them. We counsel them. We teach them about Jesus.


Our mission work isn’t performed in a faraway land. Our mission work can be found right here in North Carolina. And like other mission opportunities around the world, our mission work needs missionaries.


Won’t you be one of our missionaries?

Gary Greene is the Senior Development Director at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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