Becoming Better

We are at that time of the year in which we customarily make resolutions that initially are very noble, but frequently forgotten within a few weeks. I follow an education colleague from afar, who has a brand, BecomeBetter, which creates inspirational videos and apparel to encourage people to be the best version of themselves. This idea of daily becoming better has resonated with me and has enhanced my personal and professional goals. 

Becoming better to me entails focusing on some of the small things or actions that I perform daily to improve or change a child’s life trajectory. Often, when we hear goals as inspirational and grandiose as changing another’s life, we think it involves a significant effort or undertaking that is very dramatic and noticeable to everyone. However, in my experience, it is usually small decisions or choices that lead to positive actions that ultimately lead to more positive actions, and down the line creates a more considerable positive effect. In essence, becoming better is really like the multiplication of activities that become more profound. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one great, singular action. 

At Thomas Academy, our teachers and staff believe that we can positively impact students’ lives and be pivotal in providing them a good education and developing positive relationships with others. We enroll students that may have always been strong academically and some that may have never had a positive relationship with a teacher. Each student is treated as an individual with a high potential for success regardless of their background. Good relationships with students don’t happen instantly. Unlike in the movies, it takes far more than one motivational speech to inspire students to achieve academic excellence. It takes students, teachers, parents, and guardians embracing the idea of becoming better daily to achieve consistent positive results. 

So I encourage you, while it is very tempting to make lofty goals at this time of the year, instead focus on the small new actions that can create change and hopefully lead to more positive changes. 

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George Ward III is the Chief Academic Officer and Principal at Thomas Academy.

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