2019 Blog Posts

Each child has a story By Melissa Hopkins

“The Night Before Christmas Re-imagined (one year later)”  By Rev. John Cobb

Over It By Melissa Hopkins

We Need Each Other By Ray Cockrell

Sleep Knowledge By Melissa Hopkins

Feeling By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw

Food for thought By David Passmore

Celebrating 65 years serving vulnerable youth By Gary Faircloth 

Power of Labels By Dr. Mason Fuller Smith

Boys and Girls Homes 2021 - Community Care By Mike Garrell

Stories Too Scary to be Told in the Dark By Rev. John Cobb

RelateStrong! By Melissa Hopkins

Planning Happiness By Melissa Hopkins

Going to the well By Melissa Hopkins

Compassionate Education By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw

Sunflower By Donna Yalch

It’s like riding a bike By David Passmore

Community Connection By President Gary Faircloth

Getting there By Dr. Mason Fuller Smith

It’s Real Out Here! By Mike Garrell

Classic TV, B&GH, and the Definition of Family By Rev. John Cobb

Labels hurt, labels heal By Melissa Hopkins

Six-Word Story From the Spiritual Development Team

Chaos! By Ray Cockrell

Dreaming Achievement By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw

Broken Promises By Melissa Hopkins

Get Ready… Summer is Here! By David Passmore

Strength of a Redwood By Melissa Hopkins

Marking the Milestones of Life By Mike Garrell

Finding Your Voice By Melissa Hopkins

Someone to L-I-S-T-E-N By Rev. John Cobb

“Speak Life” From the Spiritual Development Team

Connection By Ray Cockrell

The Heart of Giving By Mike Garrell

Hope By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw

Parentified Children By Abbigail Roberts

Let us go back to chewing gum By David Passmore

Many Voices By Mike Garrell

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall….” By Rev. John Cobb

Empty From the Spiritual Development Team

Revisiting Life On Display By Donna Yalch

Beauty Connection By Melissa Hopkins

Impact By Melissa Hopkins

When is safe, safe? By David Passmore

“I have a dream…” By Gary Faircloth

An Answer to Prayer By Mike Garrell

“Culture Matters” By Rev. John Cobb

An Incomplete Charge By Melissa Hopkins

Are You A Missionary By Gary Greene

What the Lord Means to Me From the Spiritual Development Team

Family By Ray Cockrell

Ghosts of Christmas By Rev. John Cobb

2018 Blog Posts

Christmas Spirit Flo(w) By Tracey Natale   

Perfect Set Up for Failure By David Passmore       

Question the Experts By Melissa Hopkins   

Something in the Water By Mike Garrell    

The Night Before Christmas (Re-imagined) By Rev. John Cobb  

Thanksgiving Gratitude By Melissa Hopkins          

Holiday Visits By Gary Greene         

A Word By Pastor Joe Kennedy          

I Remember Where I Was…. By Ray Cockrell         

Compassion By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw

Life on Display By Donna Yalch        

Team Work: Community Helping Community By David Passmore       

Recovering from Florence By Gary Faircloth

156 Heroes By Mike Garrell   

Preparation By Melissa Hopkins                          

The Ultimate Memory Storage Device – Why Do I Remember What I Want to Forget? By Rev. John Cobb             

Our Legacy Partners By Gary Greene                                     

Child of God  By Pastor Joe Kennedy                                 

Facing the Giants By Ray Cockrell

Why Do I Have to Move? By David Passmore

A Place of Dreams By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw

Making a Difference By Donna Yalch          

Artistic Expression  By Melissa Hopkins      

Seeing is Believing By Gary Greene            

“Freedom” By Pastor Joe Kennedy    

Just One Drop By Ray Cockrell         

Dream Work By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw    

“Listen” By Pastor Joe Kennedy        

The Need is Greater Than Ever By Gary Faircloth            

Safety By Melissa Hopkins     

A Meaningful Ride By Gary Greene             

Two Roads Diverged Re-imagined By Rev. John Cobb       

Passion vs. Benefit By Ray Cockrell  

What are Schools? By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw

Practicing Emotional Intelligence By Melissa Hopkins     

A Fostering Journey By Bianca Richardson             

Hold Onto Hope By Kristen Dewberry          

Changing the Question By Melissa Hopkins           

Treasured Memory By Gary Greene            

The Good Doctor By Pastor Joe Kennedy       

Take the Stairs to Financial Health By Ray Cockrell        

Why do you show up? By Dr. Geraldine Bradshaw  

Noes Goes By Rev. John Cobb           

What Does It Take to Change Organizational Culture? By David Passmore   

Why are We Here? By Courtney Allen