Bravo Eagles!

The school counselor's heart in me causes me to have an eagle eye for transcripts.  I begin to look at transcGraduates tossing capsripts the moment a student enters Thomas Academy.  The transcript speaks volumes as it allows me to see where a student’s life may have taken a turn.  Transcripts also provide a diagram of where we need to repair. A transcript is the pathway to HOPE. 

 Senior transcripts are especially sensitive as they are the KEY to the entrance to colleges, military and the work force. Once stored in PowerSchool you cannot make corrections, so if a student needed a transcript 10 years from now what we store this year will reflect in 10 years.  So, I pour over them making sure every class is satisfied, there are no misspelled words, there is nothing on the transcript that would cost our children an opportunity.

In preparation for our 2020 graduation, as I checked and rechecked our senior transcripts, I noticed something about our children. Many of them arrived with not so favorable grades, but you can see as they begin their academic career at Thomas Academy they started to flourish. 

The question that I ask our children after they walk through on their first day is “Do you want this?” and most say timidly, “Yes” not really believing that there is a way out.  As I lay out a plan, I begin to see a light of HOPE ignite in them as they begin to believe in themselves!

So, now let me get to why I am really writing this, I am writing this to not only to salute our Class of 2020, but also to SALUTE those who have worked tirelessly to get them to June 6, 2020. 

We SALUTE the families, case managers, social workers, residential counselors, office staff, nurse, grant writer, Board Members (both Thomas Academy, and B&GH), Acadia Staff, Financial Officers, media specialist, maintenance staff, and the fundraising experts.  We SALUTE the Executive Team, human resource, janitorial team, cafeteria staff, groundskeeper, those who give generously to children they have not seen, but know there is a need.  We SALUTE teachers, behavior specialists, school office staff, and the EC team.  We SALUTE those who have mentioned us in their prayers.

On some days when Thomas Academy Staff leave for home our walk to our cars seems a lot farther than it was when we arrived in the morning, BRAVO!  Our Teachers and Staff exhibit Compassion, Character and Commitment even on days we feel we had nothing else left to give!.....REMEMBER CHILDREN LEARN FROM EXAMPLE!   SOOOOO, TA STAFF BRAVO!!

You may notice that many of those mentioned may have never entered our building or have limited day-to-day contact with our students but are CRUCIAL to our students getting to June 6, 2020, BRAVO!

Thomas Academy’s students do not leave us with just a transcript in hand they leave with HOPE, and daily living skills that no classroom setting can teach.  They leave not only with what they want, but also what they need to be successful in this world.  Please remember that when you grow a child you have grown that child’s children making generational changes BRAVO!

Finally, BRAVO! to our STUDENTS, the Class of 2020, who have persevered through obstacles only a few know.  BRAVO! to our STUDENTS who when given a way out they took it ! BRAVO to our students who worked hard and dared to dream.   WE ARE PROUD OF YOU AND WE CELEBRATE IN YOUR GREATNESS!  Please remember WE will always be here for YOU, cheering YOU on and reminding you that you are an EAGLE and EAGLES SOAR!   BRAVO!!!

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Geraldine Bradshaw, Ed.D., is the Director of Thomas Academy, a public charter school.

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