Please make an urgent gift of $50 - $100 to provide emergency support to keep children safe.

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Provide Relief & Safety

I don't usually send you appeals like this. But these are desperate times and for the sake of the children I feel called to share this message with you today.

We know the Coronavirus has upended your lives. Please know that what you are feeling today is the same disruption our children have felt for most of their lives.

The stress of the Coronavirus is already taking its toll on vulnerable children. No one anticipated the impact COVID-19 would have on the world. With schools closed and families together all the time, the increased numbers of children who are being abused and neglected need help more than ever. When there are higher levels of stress in the family, it is always the children who suffer most. With this in mind we anticipate placement referrals will increase immediately for these children.
Significant funds are needed immediately to help provide ongoing services in these uncertain times. COVID-19 is putting a strain on resources, creating significant shortfalls complicated by increasing needs.
 Our key fundraising events this spring have been postponed or cancelled. This has resulted in a direct deficit of more than $150,000.
 Like I said, these are desperate times.
 So, knowing that our children are supported by friends like you, I've made the decision to put out this emergency appeal to help provide children with the safety they need.
Please make an urgent gift of $50 - $100 to provide emergency support to keep children safe.
 Your gift today will provide instant relief and safety.

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 As you take care of yourself in this challenging time, please help provide care for these most vulnerable children!
Please make your urgent donation today to support children through this COVID-19 crisis. Your quick response provides emergency programming to keep our kids safe and supported.

 For the love of kids,

Gary Faircloth



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