Carolyn’s Kaleidoscope Child Advocacy Center


When you look into a kaleidoscope, you see the pieces of color shifting to form different shapes and patterns.


When you work with a Child Advocacy Center (CAC), you are looking inside the experiences of a child who has suffered from abuse and neglect in much the same way.


Thanks to the generosity of Roy Register in honoring the memory of his wife Carolyn, the support of a Governor’s Crime Commission Grant, and the generous gift of a beautiful home from a “caring family”, we are able to bring Carolyn’s Kaleidoscope Child Advocacy Center to provide desperately needed services to victimized children in Columbus, Bladen and Robeson counties.


Carolyn’s Kaleidoscope CAC, located in Whiteville, provides services to child victims of abuse or neglect in a safe, child-friendly environment. These services are provided by medical professionals, law enforcement officers, mental health providers, prosecutors, child protective services workers, victim advocates, and other professionals working together in the best interest of the child. The team approach helps the child through the legal system in a way designed not to cause additional trauma in one of the most difficult times in the child’s life.


Since the founding of Boys and Girls Homes with a charter in 1954, this may be the next greatest initiative that we’ve taken. Our ultimate goal with these services is to provide healing for the child while also holding the perpetrator accountable.


Carolyn’s Kaleidoscope CAC is just one more way that we are fulfilling our mission to make futures brighter for children.


Gary Faircloth is the President and CEO for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.


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