Change and the Fine Art of Glass Making

Glass blowing in the fire

That is a stunning example of glass blowing and the fine art it is.  And this piece isn’t even finished as the artist has inserted it into the intense heat behind to continue molding and shaping, further preparing the piece for presentation.  But it didn’t start here.  In the beginning, it looked like this.

Sand being held in the palm of the hand

I was talking with a colleague (who gave permission to use this illustration, by the way), who when asked how she was dealing with all of the changes that have taken place (and will be taking place) responded that she felt like a piece of sand in a glass blowing project.  That is a wonderful illustration of the change process occurring within Boys and Girls Homes.

Each person who works, volunteers, or is served by our organization is like an individual grain of sand, uniquely shaped by our experiences, and colored by our views and values.  Just like these grains are grouped together and exposed to extreme heat until they become one unit, we live and work together experiencing the “heat” of the change process, with the goal of becoming a healthy organization.  Once joined together, our leaders continue the masterful work of “molding and shaping” our organization to become the premiere place to serve children and families in NC.  While the journey to get there may be stressful and full of imperfections, I believe the end result will be beautiful just like the artwork below, and well worth what it took to get there!

  1990s vintange hand blown multi colored confetti art glass vase


John Cobb is the Risk Management and Compliance Specialist for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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