Change from within

Mindset change graphicThe start of 2021 has been much like what we saw and experienced in 2020.

The world is continuing to change at a rapid pace and even as an adult I find myself struggling to make sense of all of the chaos and change. Yet I work hard every day to find methods that will allow me to find personal peace and comfort within my small corner of the world. I recognize for me to have the best impact on the world the change needs to come from within.

For the children and youth we serve through Boys and Girls Homes, providing the tools to help them change from within is one of the key goals.

As we continue through our transitions to meet the goal of becoming the leading services provider under the Family First Prevention Services model, our entire staff is being retrained to become even better in teaching the tools to help the children become the best version of themselves. This means learning to use these same tools as individuals and as a team.

Change is hard, but the shift that can take place when you learn to look for the good in every experience and use the bad as a learning tool to get better is life altering. That shift is only possible in an environment of care where health, healing and hope are experienced every day. It is the kind of experience we want to provide to all the children and families who walk through our doors.

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Melissa Hopkins is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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