Boys and Girls Homes 2021 – Community Care

Boys and Girls Homes is being challenged to be more tomorrow than we were yesterday or are today. 

Many years ago, Boys Home was for boys only.  After several years, we faced the reality and challenge of needing to provide a place for girls.  This was a difficult and disruptive transition to meet a new social reality that girls were being abused and abandoned.  We responded by providing a girls campus in Huntersville.  They needed a safe place just like boys. Eventually we combined the campuses and became Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, with all youth at our Lake Waccamaw campus.

In the early 2000, we faced another new reality of decreased private placements and the need to meet state requirements to place Department of Social Services sponsored children.  With this came new documentation, standards, admission procedures and reporting.  We again responded and made the adjustment to meet the needs of the children and state to provide a home for children in crisis not of their own making. 

Also about this time it became apparent that we could use our staff and expertise to reach more children in the community by providing foster care, therapeutic foster care and adoptions. We now have one of the largest private foster and adoption organizations in the state…and one of the best!

Today as society continues to evolve and change Boys and Girls Homes must change with it. The focus today is on meeting the need of families where they are and providing them with services that will keep the family of origin together.  We are asked to reach further and become a “community care” organization. 

In this new social reality, we are on the leading edge of a movement to provide children focused community care programs such as therapy for crime victims, a Child Advocacy Center, a family reunification program, young adult supervised independent living and kinship care support. 

We will meet the challenge. We will help restore families.  We will be a voice for children and families. We will bring hope and meet tomorrow’s challenges just as we have for the past 65 years making futures brighter for children, families and our communities.

Mike Garrell is the Director of Development for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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