Team Work: Community helping Community 

Unloading a supply donation truck after Hurricane FlorenceI remember when I was in little league baseball, my coach would yell and scream “team work guys!” As a kid, playing baseball, I never understood the meaning of teamwork. But now on any given day in my office mail, I will receive three or four marketing brochures to train you on how to develop teamwork. But what is teamwork?

The dictionary defines teamwork as “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.” Over my career, I found that commitment, dedication and sacrifice are a part of being a team member.

Yet on September 12, 2018, when Hurricane Florence entered into our lives, I began to see and feel how community people from all over the state embraced the concept of team.

One couple from the small town of Waynesville, population 9,869, decided to actualize the process of team building. Wanting to give back to those who are struggling and hurting after the rampage of Hurricane Florence, John and Sarah decided to place a 28’ Budget Rental box truck in a shopping plaza parking lot and ask community people to donate. It worked! People from this small community gave donations of food, cleaning products, detergent, water, diapers and much more to others in need. Sarah and John drove the rental truck 345 miles to Lake Waccamaw!

We came together as a community -- over 50 strong, young and old -- to unload the truck. Within the group were members of our B&GH team, including youth and staff. It was the latest community effort we’ve joined since Hurricane Florence. We’ve helped our neighbors alongside other organizations to provide food and gathering places.

Maybe you can train or teach others the meaning of teamwork, but during this hurricane and after, it is simply individuals caring, supporting and loving one another. Now that’s what I call …..Team Work!!

David Passmore is the Vice President for Residential Services at Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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