I recently walked around the Boys and Girls Homes (B&GH) campus with a few visitors and was talking with them about our program and the positive work we are doing for children.  As we approached the farm area on our campus, I reflected on two brothers who were here when I first arrived that absolutely had a passion for the farm.  They had horses they cared for and had ribbons and trophies from shows in which they had participated.  The Farm is where they made the connection to B&GH and our program of healing and care.

Two students weldingWe all have things or places that peak our interest, something that catches our attention and stirs our passion.  At B&GH, we don’t always know what part of the campus or program will be that connection for our children, but we strive to ensure they do make a connection.

They may not have a high interest in our open campus and close proximity to the lake, but may have a strong connection to the farm and working with animals.  This is where they begin to heal.  They may not have a high interest in the academic classroom, but may connect with the vocational program.  Woodworking or welding may be what they need to discover their talents.

B&GH is unique in that we are able to offer programs and resources outside of the basic care for children – our on-campus school with vocational opportunities, a spiritual growth and development program, a farm with horses and agricultural opportunities, and a 150-acre campus where the philosophy “beauty is a silent teacher and healer” is a priority.

All the children in our care are special and unique.  We don’t always know where they will make the connection, but we do strive to ensure they are safe and help them begin to heal and discover their greatness.

Ray Cockrell is the Vice President for Development at Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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