Destined for Greatness?

On a Saturday morning in late fall, I had the pleasure of attending the Saturday morning worship service in our Leamon Rogers Memorial Chapel.

Pastor Harrington Ward led the service which included incredible musical selections from our youth choir and a special performance by Mr. Shawn.

Yet it was a part of Pastor Harrington’s sermon that continued to resonate with me for days. He asked, “Are you destined for greatness? Are the bad things you have experienced preparing you for greatness?”

These are some hard questions, especially in a chapel full of youth who have experienced the horrors of abuse and neglect. Yet Pastor Harrington brought the message through the Biblical story of Jacob’s son Joseph’s journey from favored son to being sold by his brothers to prison and ultimately the palace.

“Joseph was destined for greatness, but he had to go from the pit to the prison to end up at the palace.”

Pastor Harrington talked about how hard it is to see that journey while we are in the pit or the prison. He highlighted the importance of trusting the experience will bring you to a different level by shaping you for greatness.

Helping our youth and families recognize their potential for greatness is a big part of what Boys and Girls Homes strives to do through each and every experience we provide.

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Melissa Hopkins is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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