Do it for the Children!

Teenage girl sadly looking out window with hand pressed against the glassDespite what you may read, COVID-19 is harming children. The virus may not be deadly to the health and life of children and young people, but the impacts of long-term lockdowns and closures are harming them. As the virus rages schools, summer camps, churches, movie theaters, and a whole host of child friendly activities are closed. On the campus of Boys and Girls Homes and other childcare campuses across the state of North Carolina, the young people have been out of school and on “campus lockdown” since March. Imagine if you could not have left your house or yard since March.

Normally this time of year our children are able to enjoy a variety of summer activities such as movies, days at the beach, meals out, civic group summer cookouts, Bible school, sailing lessons, surfing lessons or hiking in the mountains. But not this year.

With the threat of COVID-19’s impact to both children and staff, we do not allow our young people to engage in these normal activities. Boys and Girls Homes cannot afford to have COVID-19 take hold on our campus and sicken the children and, from a life and death perspective, the staff. The children may become infected, have strong immune systems and quickly fight off the most severe effects of the virus, but what about our staff? Many of our youth caretakers have retired and are working at B&GH as their way to give back in their retirement years. If they become extremely sick or die who will take care of the children?

So when you are considering your response to COVID-19, take action….if not for yourself, do it for the children. You may still be able to enjoy some limited freedoms to move about your community, go to the beach or mountains. However, until this pandemic is under control in our state and across the nation, we will continue taking steps to safeguard our children and staff. Help fight the spread of COVID-19. Do it for the children!

Help children at Boys and Girls Homes today.


Mike Garrell is the Director of Development for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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