Each child has a story

Sad teenage boy sitting in empty standsEach child that receives services from Boys and Girls Homes has a story. There may be commonalities among the stories, but each story is different.

This is the story of John.

John was the child nobody wanted, and he knew it.

Born to drug- addicted parents, John was addicted to opioids from day one. He was placed in foster care when he was just seven days old. The drug addiction made John a challenge for his first foster parents, and within six months he had been moved to another home. It was the beginning of a series of moves that included 18 foster families in 13 years. 

This rough start has contributed to a number of medical conditions for John that require constant monitoring and precise medical interventions. As a result, John is convinced that there is something so wrong with him that no one will ever want him. Thus he started to act accordingly – starting fights to take control and keep people away.

Recently, John came to us in desperate need of care and services both for his physical and emotional wellbeing. Even with outside support we rely on donations from friends like you to meet all his needs. We need to raise an additional $61.25 every week to support one child like John.

Will you provide a gift of $61.25 today to provide John with the support he needs to feel safe and valued?

Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

Give a gift today.

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