Finding Your Voice

On a recent drive home from school, my daughter was complaining about a decision made by the teachers.A girl yelling

“When they tell the high school students, the teachers are going to hear a lot of complaints. The middle schoolers haven’t found their voices yet.”

In that statement, she captured such an important part of the maturing process – finding your voice to make a difference in your situation.

If you’ve been reading our recent posts, you know Boys and Girls Homes is committed to not only helping our children connect to our programs and find their voice to “Speak Life” into their experiences, but also to truly L-I-S-T-E-N to what they have to say.

So often, all of these experiences are new to the children we serve. They come to us knowing the power of words in the most negative ways possible. To be in an environment where the words are used to uplift and your feelings are acknowledged is transformative. We see the changes in our children as they become more and more secure in the care they are receiving.

It is when the children find their voice and truly become advocates for themselves in a constructive way, we know they are ready for the next phase – be it the next level of responsibility on campus or moving into transitional living or even leaving campus to return to family living.

As for my daughter’s complaint, the high school students did voice their concerns in a constructive way. It didn’t change the decision, but the teachers did acknowledge their voices and that made all the difference.

Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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