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Plate full of Thanksgiving FoodThis is often the season when memories are made through family gatherings and the sharing of wonderful delicious meals that fill the air with smells that you remember for a lifetime.

When you think of your own family needs, it makes sense that you would want your children to have food, a safe environment, social outlets, self-esteem building and self-confidence. We know that these important foundations will truly benefit how an individual may be able to grow and prosper into adulthood.

Most of the children that come into our care are coming to us from places where there were not sufficient or healthy food options. This food scarcity creates a constant fear and many of the youth will attempt to hoard food during the first few weeks of arriving. In the United States, we have over 15,000,000 children living in poverty. In North Carolina we rank 15th in the nation for families living in poverty.

Many of the children that come to Boys and Girls Homes also lived in unsafe environments, and experienced multiple traumas of physical and/or sexual abuse. When children come to us, their lives are in turmoil. That is why we ensure that their basic needs are met with good warm meals, a safe bedroom with comfortable sheets, and staff who are always with them to help support their physical, emotional and social needs. As a trauma-informed organization, we provide a place where healing can begin. Each child is unique and requires much love and attention. As they begin a new chapter in their lives here, we are hopeful that over time they will discover how beautiful they really are!

David Passmore is the Vice President for Residential Services at Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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