Future Visionaries

Teens with question marks over their facesIt is the time of year when many people reflect on the past year and set goals for the future.

I am a big goal setter as it goes hand in hand with my enjoyment of planning. There is something so satisfying about putting a plan in motion!

Yet one of the things I have learned over the years is that all the planning and goal setting will not give you the future you want unless you can actually picture yourself achieving the goal.

Visualization is something I have known about since I was a child, although I didn’t truly understand it until much later in life. And one of the key elements of visualization has only truly come into focus for me recently – if you cannot visualize something, you cannot fully accomplish it.

How does this apply to the children and families we serve?

If our children cannot envision a future where they are truly part of the community they live in, then they will not make the effort in the present to learn the skills they need for success.

If a parent cannot envision a future where their family is together and thriving, they will not participate in the programs and services designed to make that possible.

If a student cannot envision a future where they can apply the knowledge gained in math class, they will not complete the work.

One of the roles the staff of Boys and Girls Homes plays is to provide examples that demonstrate that a brighter future is possible for all who we serve. There is a path to being a healthy family that thrives in the community. Healing is possible. There is hope.

Help children & families experience health, healing & hope

Melissa Hopkins is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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