Getting there

Feet and an arrow to get from here to there“You can’t get there from here.”

Ever have anyone respond with those words when you stop and ask for directions? There is a lot of truth in those words! I remember vividly as a child the episode of Sesame Street where Grover is trying to teach Telly Monster the difference between here and there. In his classic monster voice Grover explains that he is “here,” pointing at the space beneath his feet. But, he wants to be “there,” pointing in the distance. Grover then runs over to the place where he pointed, flailing his arms, and announces triumphantly, “Now! See? NOW I am…” He pauses as he realizes that the only thing he can say is that he is “here!” …still here. You see, when we get “there” it immediately become our new “here.”  You can’t get there from here.

In life, it seems we are imminently fixated on getting “there,” to the next big step. When in high school, we can’t wait for college. In college, we long to be out in the real world. The other job always seems bigger and better, and we always imagine a new thing we need to make our life complete. We can’t wait till we finally have… We are desperate for something we cannot name. So, we constantly strive helplessly for a new “there.” In the process we find ourselves, without even realizing it, storing up treasures for the next big thing. Becoming micro hoarders, we accumulate our stuff, spend our money on stuff, and buy houses and barns to store our stuff. All the while, we forget the warning of Jesus that we can’t take it with us when we die. “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth…” Matthew 6:19-21. Jesus ends that mini homily with the mystery of love, “for your treasure is where your heart shall be.”

Where is your heart today?

Are you ready to invest in the here and now, the troubles of today, and the needs right before your eyes? As I see it, a better way is to take our treasure and invest it in love, share it with those who cannot afford to dream or imagine a possible “there,” or any alternate reality beyond the one they now suffer through. We will never be truly content until our primary love transfers from our own desire for a little more, to a willingness to invest in the lives of others—like the children of Boys and Girls Homes. In that mission, we can give and give, serve and serve, and, love and love in ways that will deeply and always satisfy until the Kingdom comes - which is neither here nor there!

Dr. Mason Smith is the Director of Civic Club Relations for Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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