Grateful and Gracious Friend 

Kiwanis One Day at B&GH 2021 work group“Thank you so much for all you do for us!”

It never fails. Every time I receive from a club or individual a financial contribution or a donation of supplies for cottages, or whenever a group of volunteers completes a work project, they inevitably utter those gracious words—thanking Boys and Girls Homes for helping THEM. 

For example, we recently had a group of over 30 area volunteers from Carolinas District Kiwanis descend upon our campus for a Kiwanis One Day work project. Through poor weather conditions and with lots of sweat and strained backs, this group sacrificed a precious Saturday in order to bring beauty to our campus grounds in celebration of one of our beloved sayings, “Beauty is a silent teacher, compassionate healer and giver of hope.” When the day was through and the job was done, not one single Kiwanian departed without saying “Thank you.”

Examples like this speak volumes about the character and heart of those who support our work with children, youth, and families in distress or at-risk. They see our work as an assist to them in their efforts to help and care for others in the community. Those who support BGHNC understand their purpose to be that of making the world a more hope-filled and better place for all. To that end, clubs, donors, supporters, and volunteers respond to the opportunity to give with gratitude rather than grumbles! It is amazing!

Often people do support charitable organizations out of a sense of guilt or obligation. It is profoundly refreshing to be supported by those who contribute time, finances, and effort in appreciation for the work of the organization. These people give with joyful hearts and often wish that they could do far, far more to help. Rarely do they demand recognition or accolades, but in deep humility they submit what they can for a greater good. “I wish I could do more,” is another phrase frequently spoken by those who support BGHNC.

You, likely, are one of these champion people of grace and gratitude. That is why you are reading this blog, to learn more about how to do more for more children, youth, and families. Thank you for your heart and mindset. Thank you for all that you accomplish. Thank you for always seeking opportunities to do and to give even more. Thank you!    

Dr. Mason Fuller Smith is the Director of Community Engagement for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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