Holiday Visits

Thanksgiving and Christmas bring a lot of visitors to our campus to bring presents to our children and contribute to the overall festiveness of this time. We are highly thankful for the difference you make in the lives of our kids.


I have seen children as old as 17 years old opening their first Christmas presents EVER.


I have heard squeals of joy as Jonathan Crawley, one of our staff members, enters our children’s Christmas banquet in his GrinchGrinch at Christmas Celebration costume.


I have seen the gleeful expressions on the faces of our civic club members watching as children in the cottages open their presents.


This holiday season also means our cottages will be visited by clubs for quick stops or for a shared dinner. (These dinners typically feature our famous fried chicken!) We will experience more than 20 visits from civic clubs and their members during the next five weeks!


I encourage you and your club to seek ways to come to campus and interact with our children who see you as a role model. I may not be able to fit you into our busy Christmas schedule, but our children crave interactions throughout the year with their civic club sponsors.


May you be blessed in the coming weeks! 

Gary Greene is the Senior Development Director at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.


Schedule a campus visit for your Civic Club.


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