How Can I Help?

Silhuetted children holding handsWe all experience the instinctive need to help. A good friend recently lost two close family members in a relatively short period. A friend and member of my Sunday School class recently received the news of cancer and is facing the challenges of radiation and chemo. These are very challenging times for them and the instinct is to reach out to help in some way – but how? We offer to provide food to meet their basic needs. We send notes and messages of encouragement and positive thoughts so they know they are being remembered. Mostly, we offer prayer for strength and comfort.

The children in our care are facing challenges of their own – challenges of abuse, neglect and tremendously difficult circumstances. Our instinct is the same – to reach out to help in some way – but how? With the help of many friends, we are meeting the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter for our children. We are providing the tools for success through education at Thomas Academy. We are seeking to meet their need for spiritual development and growth. And most of all, we are offering prayer for strength, comfort and healing.

You help us in so many ways! Your financial gifts help meet critical daily needs. Your support helps provide an environment for healing. Most of all our children need your prayers. Prayer that they may begin to heal and believe in themselves again is the most powerful help you can provide.

Thank you for loving and praying for our children!!

Ray Cockrell, CFP® is the Vice President for Development at Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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