How much is a child’s laughter worth?

Laughing teen lying in grassMost people want to know what they are going to “get” for their money. No one wants to waste what they have worked so hard to earn. That is why we research, read reviews, and test drive. We want to make certain that we receive our money’s worth; that we are investing in something worthwhile. When we are buying a car, a house, or a new boat this might be more straightforward. However, what are the metrics of “value” when it comes to investing in a child’s life?

“He he he he ha ha haw, snort!” Giggling! Giggling is a profound measure of success and wellness in a child’s life! Whenever a child is laughing something right is happening in the world. Just the other evening I was strolling across the beautiful campus of Boys and Girls Homes when I heard the wonderful and melodious sounds of children laughing. I knew I had found myself whisked away into a sacred space of light and love where healing was taking place—evidenced by blessed giggles. How do you put a value on something so precious? 

Our children have already faced more darkness than some could ever imagine in an entire lifetime. Your investment, however, is turning “weeping into laughter.” The support you give has value measurable only in smiles, hugs, and giggles. Thanks to you, gaping emotional wounds are healing. They will never fully go away. Yet, resiliency is born every day in the lives of children here at Boys and Girls Homes—children who are learning to laugh even in the dark.

Dr. Mason Smith is the Director of Civic Club Relations for Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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