Learning on the Job

Mr Lee supervising housekeeping work“Now see, you always want to do a good job and make sure you speak loud and clear and respectful. Ya hear?” –Mr. Lee, Assistant Housekeeper, to one of his ‘crew’


One of the things we hope to instill in children while they are with us at Boys and Girls Homes is a strong work ethic and an attitude toward work that will serve them well in life as they strive to make their own path in the world. We want them to have a positive and respectful way about them as they conduct themselves around future bosses, coworkers, employees, or customers.


We do not rely solely on our cottage staff to teach the children these lessons. Everyone has a role to play. Mr. Lee is on the front lines of our efforts. Like many other members of the campus staff, Mr. Lee oversees a “crew” of interested children to help keep our offices and facilities clean and sanitized. During the summer months he has care over these children for much of the day, and teaches them like a faithful grandfather. Often he can be heard in his gentle calming voice correcting and instructing his boys to do their best. Some kids have a lot to learn about cleaning, but Mr. Lee remains patient, steady, and resolved.


Mr. Lee also does something far more important that supervising kids while cleaning. Later in life his crew may not remember any of the details he instructed them on. They will, however, always remember that someone took time with them, cared about them, and encouraged them. He may be the first person in their lives to ever say to them, “Good job.” That alone will work to inspire young people to strive for something better in life. Thank God for the Mr. Lees on our campus.


Dr. Mason Fuller Smith is the Director of Civic Club Relations for Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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