Love Made Visible, Part 1

As I reminisce about summers in the past, I can remember smells, sounds, and feelings of freedom and fun. I can remember drinking water from the water hose and staying up late to catch fireflies at night. The warm summer breezes and smells of sweet honeysuckle are something that I hold dear to my heart and cherish because they remind me of special times.  

Stop for a moment.


Think back.


What is your memory of that special summer moment? I wish I could hear your story and the wonderful things you experienced as a child and how those memories add to who you have grown to be.  


Often kids in foster care miss many positive memory building opportunities that other children get to experience. 


Activites Director Mr. Buddy with youthEven though COVID presented a unique challenge, Activities Director Mr. Buddy helped the B&GH team rise above the obstacles and remember why we serve our kids. He encouraged us all to use the vast resources we already have. Our children thrived with our new activities director. Mr. Buddy has embraced and personified the opportunity to provide a summer of fun while building positive relationships and happy experiences for our kids. Afternoons and evenings were filled with kickball on the athletic field, games in the gym, water balloon fights on the quad, bicycling around the beautiful lake, and special activities at a nearby camp.


Through our amazing connection with The Anchorage Camp on the shores of Lake Waccamaw, we were able to offer our children the same outdoor fun and inward growth that you and I remember. 


This summer our youth were able to enjoy Anchorage Camp and engage in activities such as swimming, roller skating, rock climbing, speed boat, and pontoon boat riding. This partnership will now continue throughout the rest of the year thanks to the working relationship that we have now established. 


Thank you for your support of our children at the Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina. Thank you for investing in giving the love they need now and the hope they need for the future.

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Kristen Dewberry is the Clinical Social Worker Supervisor at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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