Moving in Half Circles

Half-circles and straight linesMy daughter Lorelei recently shared an interesting tidbit about the stage choreography for the award-winning musical Hamilton.

The choreographer made the choice to have Alexander Hamilton move in half-circles when he was thinking to represent how his thinking moved beyond the linear. At the same time, the character of Aaron Burr always moved in straight lines to represent the opposite of Hamilton.

While most of the audience would not consciously recognize these differences, it says something about the attention to detail that went into the choreography in order to support the overarching narrative of the musical.

This year has been one that forced so many of us to move beyond the straight line, linear thinking of the past to explore the untamed territory of half circles. I know that for me that has created periods of discomfort followed by the recognition that the changes have yielded better than expected results.

I have seen it in the virtual classrooms as my daughters, their classmates and teachers at Thomas Academy have been moved into a continually changing educational landscape. Those who are finding success are moving in half circles, recognizing that the linear teaching methods of the traditional in-seat classroom are not easily translated to the online or hybrid environment.

With the recent changes in leadership, Boys & Girls Homes is embracing half circle thinking as we move toward a new era in care for children and families. Restructuring of our services is necessary to meet the expectations put forth in the Family First Prevention Services Act, but we are approaching these changes with the non-linear perspective of finding the best way to serve all who enter our doors in an environment of health, healing and hope.

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Melissa Hopkins is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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