Nature’s Healing – Beauty is a silent teacher

Pink flowersSelf care and stress relief tips are everywhere right now.

One item that appears on list after list is to take a walk in nature if permitted.

The healing, soothing impact of nature is something Boys and Girls Homes has valued since day one. This is seen on the Lake Waccamaw campus with the attention paid to the grounds.

B&GH President Gary Faircloth has said time and again, “The beauty of the campus reflects the greatness of our children.”

Even with the restrictions in place to keep the children safe from the coronavirus, there were special efforts made to ensure that there was time spent outdoors, both on the campus and at the lake.

Nature’s beauty provided a beacon of hope, even when it was not consciously acknowledged. The season changed from spring to summer and nature did what it does. Plants bloomed, animals came out of hiding, and even the annual mayfly swarming took place like every year before. Being outdoors allowed our children to experience all that despite the pandemic.

We were truly blessed throughout this time to have nature’s beauty as a silent teacher – and healer – for our children.

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Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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