Nourishing blessing

Leamon Rogers Memorial ChapelIt was like someone handing me an unexpected cool and refreshing bottle of ice water when I was working hard on a hot summer day. That’s the best way to describe the unexpected and deeply nourishing blessing that I received the other day upon entering the Boys and Girls Homes Chapel. Like one laboring in the heat, my spirit was in need of some replenishment, and boy did I receive some!


It was the winding down of a long and challenging week when I, like I am often prone to do, made my way to the chapel for a moment of spiritual reorientation. As I walked into the sanctuary a wave of peace and inspiration washed over me. There is always peace and inspiration within those walls. This day, however, it was amplified—literally. Standing upon the stage was a line of Boys and Girls Homes residents, some on instruments, others singing into microphones, providing the most angelic sounds of praise! The newly formed praise team was practicing for their Sunday service.


Little unexpected moments of uplift like this are often what sustain us. I think we must learn to make the most of these gifted moments, especially in the midst of dark times like a pandemic. When everything is uncertain and unpredictable, we can still appreciate that not all surprises are bad. Some surprises are life giving. When we are able to see these moments clearly and allow them to become our focus it is much like looking at a flame in the middle of a dark room. The longer we focus on the light the more it becomes all that we really see, while the darkness fades away in surrender. This is a lesson our children at B&GH learn every day. It is a lesson they are also teaching me. It is a privilege to serve the children and families that seek our support in their paths toward well-being because such service is a two way street. I learned this lesson all over again that day I found myself standing in the chapel listening to angels sing!

Spiritual Development

Dr. Mason Fuller Smith is the Director of Community Engagement for Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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