Over It 

Stressed out teenager leaning on booksAs my teenage daughters played the video for a song by a pop singer named Eben on repeat, I found myself drawn to the opening lyrics.

Sick of being stressed out

Tired of walking with my head down

Over it, over it

From Lambo

It is something so many teenagers can relate to, especially those served by Boys and Girls Homes. In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle with the added stress of mid-year and end of course testing for our high school students, the potential to be “over it” is high.

How do we encourage these youth to continue to work hard to achieve success? The educators at Thomas Academy make sure to pay attention to the moods and behaviors of the students, providing tools and opportunities to reset in order to be as successful as possible during testing.

In the cottages, our residential staff provide a safe, supportive space for a balance of study and relaxation. They pay attention to the youth during events and activities with organizational friends and supporters. As these professionals know the youth best on campus, they often notice when the child is in need of a break before they reach the breaking point.

Having these qualified, professionals in place to provide the supports these vulnerable children need is not something that happens by accident. It takes time and support of all kinds to make the magic happen for these children.

During this busy season, please take a moment to support the children with a financial gift that will provide a space of safety so they can stop feeling stressed out.

Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

Give a gift today to support the children of B&GH.

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