Pushing Forward

Serving over 7500 kids since 1954!! LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE DONE!!

Whew!  Time to take a break and rest on our laurels?

This is NOT the mindset at Boys and Girls Homes! We continually ask ourselves, what has changed in society?  What do today’s youth need to be successful?  What do families need?  How can we evolve to meet that need?

In asking those questions Boys and Girls Homes has stretched to provide an innovative set of services to the children of our area.  In the past year, we have begun three major new programs. 

Bright Hope

B&GH will team with Brunswick Christian Recovery Center to provide "Bright Hope", a Residential Family-Based treatment center in Southeastern NC open to all residents of NC. This free program will provide residential care for 20 - 30 child victims of addicts in recovery annually. We will provide an 8-bed, cottage-style home with an eventual goal to provide support services for children, ages 3 - 17. This family-based treatment/unification service will provide child support for 16 - 24 weeks while the parent is in substance abuse recovery at a nearby location. Then reunite the family – Stronger.

Success Coach/Prevention Coach

We provide guidance, resources and coaching to the permanent family to help them meet their families’ needs and achieve permanency after separation. We will coach and connect the family to the resources needed to create a permanent home for everyone. We will work with the family on parenting skill building in the home and create plans to prevent a crisis and escalation.  In addition, a Success Coach Prevention Specialist works with families that are at risk of their children entering into foster care. Our goal is to keep families together whenever possible and keep children out of state care.

JCPC Temporary Shelter Program

The Columbus and Bladen County Juvenile Justice Office and Juvenile Crime Prevention Counsel (JCPC) has indicated a need to shelter youth who are awaiting court placement determination. Boys and Girls Homes of NC will provide a short-term placement facility that we will use to house Columbus and Bladen County youth in need of Temporary Shelter Care. We are provide this service to Columbus JCPC at half cost of providing temporary shelter care. We are counting on you to be part of our fund raising efforts to help serve more local youth. 

We want to meet the needs of children and families to create brighter futures.  Join us and donate today so we can envision and continue to push forward.

Donate to make futures brighter

Mike Garrell is the Director of Development for Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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