Question the Experts


In 1989, a very somber doctor told my parents that my grandfather would not live to see 1990. My gDoctors examining patient resultsrandfather not only saw the new decade, he lived to see the early years of the new millennium.


When Tommy was in school, the education experts recommended the teachers not expect much from him. The “experts” doubted he would even graduate from high school. Fast forward and Tommy has a doctorate in education and currently serves as our Boys and Girls Homes Vice President for Education.


So many of the children we serve have been negatively labeled by “experts”. These children come to us as a last resort, after other placements have failed. They are years behind in their education with little expectation for success.


Yet we believe these children are “at-promise” instead of “at-risk.” As President Gary Faircloth has shared, “there is no such thing as a bad child. They have misdirected energy and every child, given a safe, encouraging environment, will become successful.”


With this philosophy in mind, our staff at B&GH works hard to provide that safe and encouraging environment for the children. In partnership with our teachers at Thomas Academy, our children are provided with an educational environment to explore the talents that have been hidden behind survival mode.


It is incredible to watch our children transform in this new environment. They discover that they have an eye for design, or a knack for picking up a melody, or welding skills that make them the top candidate for a high paying job. Yet the biggest transformation comes in their newfound belief in themselves, when they realize that the “experts” were wrong and they have a future that they can be proud of.


Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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