Thomas Academy High School OrientationAfter more than five months the students of Thomas Academy walked through the doors to begin receiving classroom instruction.

Like many other students across the country, the students are entering with a new set of rules governing the classroom. Masks are required and physical distancing is expected at all times.

The school is using a hybrid model of instruction, utilizing the in classroom instruction two days per week for each student with three days of virtual instruction. With the alternating attendance, Wednesdays are virtual for everyone to allow for deep cleaning to take place.

The biggest challenge for teachers and students is the re-entry. The students have not had to do “intensive person-to-person” since March, and they are now reentering the school having to remember how to learn again under these conditions.

We are so blessed to have a dedicated team of educators who have experience in helping students “catch up” with the educational expectations. They are working to make sure that each student has exactly what they need to be successful.

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Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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