Recreational Learning

Silhouettes of boys playing football in the sunsetAlways keep learning! This is a lesson I have tried to teach my boys and one we strive toward here on campus, both with our residents and our staff. It seems we are learning new things and new ways of doing old things every day. Sometimes it is fun and helpful to re-learn things you learned years ago. This hit home recently with me personally and to our program here on campus.

I took a few days off for rest and reflection. During my extra time, I picked up a game that I haven't played in years. What fun and joy it was to relearn my love for this game! I was reminded of the benefits of this activity and why I played it years ago.

Given the recent challenges of keeping our kids focused and occupied while stuck here on campus, our campus life team took advantage of some grant money and hired a part-time recreation specialist. How fun it was to see the kids active and having fun. As I have said many times, they were able to just be a kid again. Then the learning kicked in for us! The critical incidents on campus were significantly reduced. The behaviors of the youth were much improved. We had a chance to re-learn the benefits of recreation and exercise for our kids. Learning is taking place for all of us.

 As we launch into the Waccamaw Way, our program and treatment model for those in our care, there will be many opportunities for learning and growing - for our staff and our kids. We are open-minded and eager to learn the best ways to care for our kids.

 Thank you for joining us on the journey and for being a part of the B&GH family!

Ray Cockrell is Chief Mission Officer at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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