It’s like riding a bike

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking 8 youth on a bike tour traveling 185 miles over six days. This was a unique group of youth who live in foster care. Boy walking a bike

During this trip, one young man shared with the others that life is like “falling off your bike.” When that happens you climb back on and keep peddling forward. He said, “You can’t back pedal, you have to move forward and keep riding till it takes you to a safer place.”

So many children and youth have fallen off their bike due to mistakes that adults have made in their lives. I wish it was that easy to just climb back on their bike and ride off knowing that all will be okay, but the reality is when you fall off your bike so many times, you are left with bruises, cuts and broken promises. 

B&GH is here for them when they “fall off their bike” and with gentle hands pick them up and guide them to a safer place so they can thrive and grow.   Only 7% of children and youth who are in foster care live in residential care across North Carolina. These are children that all other placements have been exhausted and they have mixed feeling about living with families again. I will sum it up by the comment one of the young men said at the last night of our bike trip.

“This bike trip taught me 185 miles is not easy to complete, but with support and a good bike, all things are possible and I always move forward! I am glad to have a place to live and know that staff cares about me.”

David Passmore is the Vice President for Residential Services at Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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