Six-Word Story

It was dark. Dingy. Likely, a place where you may not wander. But it was there, as the urban legend goes, that a group of renowned writers were sitting, imbibing both drink and inspiration.

Engaged in the topic of wNew blue baby shoesriting they challenged one another, “What is the least amount of words you can use to write a complete story?”

They bantered back and forth, debating merits from short story length to a page to a paragraph.

After a while, a bearded man in a corner chair who hadn’t uttered a word cleared his throat and spoke, “I can do it with six words.”

“Incredulous!” they protested.

“Each one of us will wager you $20 that you cannot!”

He took the coaster from beneath his glassed beverage and wrote. They were words that were personal to him. Something he had recently experienced.

Collecting his winnings, he left.

His name, Ernest Hemingway.

On the table, he left words soaked with condensation dripping from his glass, absorbed by the ad-hoc notepad.

“For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.”

Recently we asked our children here at B&GH to write their six-word story.

With their permission, here are words they shared:

  • I was touched but not broken.
  • Mom said she tried, she didn’t.
  • Get in the car we’re leaving.
  • Everybody has hurtful pain inside them.
  • I’ve been hurt badly and survived.
  • My past doesn’t define my future.
  • I am stronger than my struggles.
  • My problems do not define me.
  • I will overcome my painful past.
  • I am stronger than you think.
  • There is light beyond the darkness.
  • No one wanted me but you.
  • Beaten. Abused. Restored. Renewed. Loved. Life.
  • I’m the light in your darkness.
  • I’ve been abused and was saved.
  • Be still; know you have someone.
  • I now have a place to stay.
  • God brought me here. Found hope.
  • Shock. Sorrow. Surrender. Sanctification. Service.
  • I just want to be loved.
  • Hope’s never late in finding you.

[At Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina there are many stories. Stories of hurt and helplessness turning into hope and healing. Please come and help us transform those stories into futures of promise. We look forward to hearing from you.]


Six words.


Just six words.

“Tell us: What is your story?”

The Spiritual Development Team at B&GH addresses the spiritual needs of the children and youth served through relevant relational and spiritual formation activities held on campus at the Leamon E. Rogers Memorial Chapel.

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