Something in the Water

A heart-shaped drop of waterForty-three years. Forty-one years. Thirty-nine years. Thirty-one years.  Twenty-nine years.  These are some of the special anniversaries celebrated at Boys and Girls Homes this year.  These are not wedding anniversaries. And these are not birthdays.  No, these are the “work” anniversaries of some very dedicated Boys and Girls Homes staff who have been meeting the needs of abused and neglected kids for many, many, many years. 

When you speak to these incredible and dedicated people and ask them why they are still here they often say “it must be something in the water.”   Then they smile and continue with the work they have performed for decades.  They smile because there is “something in the water.”  That “something” in the water is LOVE!  These folks who have served for so long, love what they do to support kids who have been abandoned or abused.  They love their work because a position at Boys and Girls Homes meets a deep internal longing that makes a job a passion.  To work at B&GH means:

  • Being part of "something special" 
  • Working with purpose and meaning
  • Changing and influencing lives for the better
  • Providing a personal contribution that makes a difference
  • Being emotionally invested in the work and profession
  • Believing in what the organization stands for

At Boys and Girls Homes the chance to change the trajectory of one child’s life and make a future brighter encompasses all of these motivations. 

With more than 300 children in our residential, foster care, adoption or school program, we are entrusted to positively impact the lives of children in our care. It is without question hard work with many ups and downs. Not every story has a fairytale ending but all children are given that opportunity.

Children in the Boys and Girls Homes family are provided stable homes, plentiful and nutritious meals, emotional counseling, top-level education and, most importantly, love and hope.  With staff who are tremendously dedicated and compassionate, these children are given an opportunity to thrive and achieve beyond their wildest expectations. And they often do!  It must be “something in the water.”

Mike Garrell is the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.


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