“Speak Life”

Our Spiritual Development and Chapel Ministry Team contributes a key part to B&GH’s mission of a comprehensive and integrated approach to reach the needs of our children. The following is an excerpt from a speech recently presented at our Grace Promotion by one of our children and shared with their permission.

Bible on the altar“I know I’m not always what people would call a good person. I’ve made it through a big part of my life by cheating and following others’ bad examples or just not choosing to take personal responsibility to make good decisions. I believed I was never going to be able to be more than what other people have said I could be…Nothing!

Before B&GH I lived in a dark place.  I had a wall up, an emotional block, a fortress to protect myself.  I would not let anyone know how I felt or give anyone trust. I cut myself off from everyone because I felt since people hurt me before, everyone will.

I felt all these horrible things I’ve chosen have just proven all those people to be right. People have always believed I’m a bad influence and that I’m going to end up like people from my past and I can’t make my own decisions. We have a saying in Chapel, ‘What we don’t repair we repeat.’

However, the dawn began to break on the horizon of my life. B&GH shined a new light of understanding on my pain. I found out, not all people are out to hurt us. That is what people want us to believe. What we do now affects our life . . . trusting no one will hurt you more than choosing to trust.

Being at B&GH is helping me discover authentic joy and happiness.  I am learning that I can overcome what people say I am and what people say I will turn out to be. Through my life here I have come to understand I am strong, and I can let go of my past and be in control of my future. It’s been a new light.

We must understand that people are here for us. God uses people here to teach us to do better. They are here to show us how we can overcome the hard things. We can learn to lead and not passively follow. B&GH lets us know we have people that love us. I know most of you think I’m just saying that, but I have seen the love from these people here at B&GH and they mean it!

I sometimes still get mad…we all do. Old wounds leave scars. But, we need to know that God puts people into our life such as the people here at B&GH to help…not to hurt us. We learn here at B&GH to ‘Speak Life’ into one another. Find encouraging things to share and tell people what you appreciate about them.

So, let’s open up and take down our walls and give them a chance to show their love is real.

We may be surprised by what we will find.”

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