Strength of a Redwood

Redwood forest“Can anyone in this room tell me the largest living thing on the planet?” asked Grady Little during the 2019 Sandhills Benefit Luncheon and Silent Auction to support the children of Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

Serving as the emcee for the special event, the former L.A. Dodgers and Boston Red Sox manager shared the answer for the 200 supporters in attendance.

“Has anyone ever been to California and seen the Redwood Forest? That’s the largest living thing. These trees in Northern California are 350 – 400 feet tall, 8 to 20 feet wide. They are thousands of years old. Their bark is a foot thick. That’s how they withstand so many elements, like fire and weather. They just keep on going.

“But what’s amazing to me is that they only have a tap root of 4 to 6 feet. But their root system expands out 250 feet. And they inter-tangle with the other trees. So what this tangled root system does is makes them so much stronger. With everybody working together, we’re stronger, just like those trees.”

His message of working together to be stronger resonated with the crowd, who together raised more than $40,000 to support Boys and Girls Homes.

This event was the latest example of the powerful support provided to the children of B&GH. The inter-tangled root system of individuals, civic clubs, businesses, and foundations allow our children to create brighter futures for themselves and the community.

Thank you for helping our young people gain the strength and resilience of a redwood.

Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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