Success Coach: The answer to reducing recidivism within foster care

Little girl hugging an adultThough May was National Foster Care Month, each and every day a social worker is asked, “When can I return back to my parents?”

Beginning in 2021, the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) hopes to eliminate that heartbreaking question. FFPSA has endorsed programs like Success Coach, a recently added service at Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina.

Success Coach will be the mediator between children exiting foster care and returning back to their families. Success Coaches help families build resilience, strengthen communication and parenting skills, and manage crisis effectively, everything that FFPSA is advocating for a family to have.

The Success Coach program has received so much positive feedback regarding the program’s dedication to keeping children with their families, and those children that are working towards reunification. The following are actual comments from participates in the B&GH Success Coach Program:

  •  “You are our sweet angel” - single grandmother
  • “Thank you so much, I’m very grateful“ - single dad
  • ”Thank you for your continued support for the family. I really have a favorable opinion of your service and look forward to making referrals with families that are moving towards reunification. I truly think your support of the parent has given confidence to make positive choices” - DSS Social Worker

If you feel that you may have a family that could benefit from Success Coach Services, please contact me at

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Ashlynn Campbell is the Success Coach Director for Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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