“The Night Before Christmas Re-imagined
(one year later)

In this holiday season, Rev. John Cobb returns to the perspective of one of the children served by B&GH as he did in last year’s in The Night Before Christmas (Re-imagined). He applied his  creative skills in line with the classic Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore.


It’s the night before ChristmasFamily in holiday pose

And I’m still in your home.

A year of stability made a difference

To the person I have become.

Not having to worry

About a bed or a meal,

Has allowed me some time

To recover and to heal.

There are days when I still

Do what I used to do;

But I’ve gotten a lot better

Using my coping skills too.

My therapist taught me

To write about how I feel,

And when I’m upset

How to breathe and be still.

There are days when I still

Miss my mom and my dad;

But I have the best grades in school

That I’ve ever had.

Your family has welcomed me

With open hearts and arms.

I no longer worry about

Being abused or harmed.

Because of your help,

Christmas is better this year;

Not like the last one

Full of sadness and tears.

This year we’ll make memories

I’ll never forget.

But to tell you the truth

Here’s a few gifts I hope to get:

That your family will continue

To include me;

That you’ll continue your love

In spite of the behaviors you see;

That I’ll be less sad

Cause my parents aren’t around.

See I used to feel hopeless and lost;

Because of you I know I’m found!

Rev. John Cobb is the Continuous Quality Improvement Risk Manager and Sanctuary Coordinator for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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