The Real Grinch That Steals Christmas

(and other days too…) 


Every child that I know likes Christmas a lot;The grinch in a santa suit

However, not every child a merry Christmas has got.


There’s a “Real Grinch” that steals Christmas, the holiday season;

You may not know why, but I’ll tell you the reason.


It’s not just the holiday season it will steal,

‘Cause on every other day it is just as real.


This “Grinch” isn’t a person or even a creature;

But I can tell you what this “Grinch” will feature –


Outbursts of anger, fits of depression,

Harm to self and others, memory repression


These are just a few things that you may see

When this “Grinch” impacts our kids, you, and me.


You see Trauma is the “Real Christmas Grinch”,

Into the lives of our children, it throws a big wrench.


Nevertheless, please don’t despair, they are not without hope.

There is so much we can do to help them to cope.


When the trauma happens at home, as is often the case,

We have great Foster Families where they can be placed.


Sometimes the trauma requires special care,

Our Cottages help when kids are placed there.


All of our kids need someone who will hear what they say,

Our clinicians provide therapy that helps save the day.


Let’s not forget our Child Advocacy Center;

There’s no safer place for our children to enter.


All of this is possible because of people like you,

Making it possible to do all the things that we do.


With your help, we will continue for many years to come;

We will try our best, forever changing the lives of some.


So if you want to help our kids, let me finish my tale,

Here’s what you can do to help them get well…


Your prayers are appreciated, those we still seek;

There is intense power when with the Creator you speak.


Maybe your desire is to do something more

Like inviting them to live inside of your door.


We need foster families, those who provide a safe space;

Maybe you will be a forever home (we hope that’s the case).


We are always looking for employees who will give their all,

Submit an application, we will give you a call.


THANK YOU for all of your time, talents, and treasures.

There are no gifts that are too small to measure.


With your help, we will conquer this trauma beast,

“For the Love of Kids”, from the greatest to the least!


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Rev. John Cobb is the Continuous Quality Improvement Risk Manager and Sanctuary Coordinator for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.


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