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You can still have motivation and goals no matter what your age.Each week day morning during the summer, the youth participants in the Boys and Girls Homes World of Work (WOW) program gather outdoors at the pavilion for a few minutes to prepare for the day.

Led by Director of Transitional Living Services Ian Callahan, the preparation includes a piece of motivational information to encourage each worker to have the best day possible.

I had the opportunity to attend one of these sessions recently when Ian shared a motivational talk by Steve Harvey about making the decision to keep going toward your goals. After playing the audio for the youth, Ian highlighted several pieces including the importance of putting the effort in to achieve your dreams. Yet one quote really stood out to me.

“You can still have motivation and goals no matter what your age."

That message seemed to resonate with the youth standing in the pavilion as they realized that they could set their own goals. He emphasized they have the opportunity to make a decision every day to take steps toward that personal goal.

This WOW motivation is just one part of the inspirational material provided to the youth throughout the day. Motivation doesn’t always come through a specific speech. Sometimes it comes from a simple conversation. Sometimes it comes from allowing the youth to watch and experience interactions among staff. We have many teaching moments with our young people and we try to take advantage of each one.

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Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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