We Need Each Other

A group of teens holding hands in a circleI recently attended a local company celebration held at the B&GH Farm. At the event, I was talking with a representative of the company and expressed our gratitude for their support and all they do for our children. He in turn began to elaborate on how important our work is and how happy he is to be able to be a part of such positive work. We carried on this back and forth exchange of mutual accolades for a bit longer before we both moved on to mingle with others. Later, as I reflected on that conversation, it became clear to me how much we both need each other to fulfill our goals.


In fact, it is much like that in life. We rely on so many other people to make daily decisions, and they rely on us for much of the same. I rely on my wife, my own kids, my extended family, my co-workers, my friends, my church, etc. In much the same way, they each rely on me in return. We all need each other. Our children at Boys and Girls Homes fit well into this scenario. They need B&GH to meet their basic needs and their need for healing, comfort, personal growth and spiritual growth. And if we are honest, we need them just as much. The children here provide us as much opportunity for learning and personal growth as we offer them. They can truly be an inspiration.

Just as our children need us and we need them – we also need you! The need is greater today than it has ever been. Your love and support make a difference every day. Thank you!

Ray Cockrell, CFP® is the Vice President for Development at Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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