What day is it?

A 2020 planner with a cup of tea and a teapot on a concrete outdoor tableI was sitting outside enjoying my lunch in my yard when my youngest daughter asked, “Is it Wednesday or Thursday today?”

“It’s Friday,” I replied with a smile. She looked at me in shock.

You see, we were among the first in our area to go into self-quarantine due to a potential exposure. While I have maintained a schedule in order to work from home, I allowed my daughters to work within their own timelines. As long as they got their coursework done and their chores completed, they could follow their own natural rhythms.

For those of you who have teenagers, or remember your teenage years, it is probably no surprise that this has resulted in mostly sleeping until noon and staying up well past midnight.

Now we are working back into a family routine to accommodate their ZOOM class schedule with Thomas Academy. I am also encouraging them to find their non-electronic self-care options like spending time in our backyard or drawing or writing.

As they say, you cannot serve from an empty cup. I am also making sure to develop self-care routines for myself. This includes making sure to take a lunch break every day and spending time outdoors. I even do my morning conference call sitting at my outdoor table with a cup of tea and my notepad.

Yet even with all of these steps, the house feels a little smaller every day. I can feel my own fuse getting shorter.

For those children who are already in stressful home environments, I can only imagine how small their residences feel right now.  I am grateful that Boys and Girls Homes is still here helping children and families in these uncertain times.

Please continue to pray for these children and families as they navigate these rapidly changing times.

How you can help?

Melissa Hopkins is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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